Out of 35 Benghazi Survivors – How Many Has Hillary Clinton Called?

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According to the recent report from the Senate Select Committee on Benghazi, we know that NOTHING was sent to Benghazi and Americans died. We also know that Hillary Clinton LIED to the American people. But neither is a shocking. What’s not certain is all the evidence that contradicts what Clinton said, including that she spoke to the Benghazi survivors…yet another lie!

It took Hillary Clinton at least 48 days to speak with any of the government personnel who were evacuated from Benghazi, Libya after the deadly anti-American terror attacks there, according to sworn testimony from her longtime senior aide Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin, Bryan Pagliano, Cheryl Mills, and Patrick Kennedy are the Clinton aides being interviewed.

Abedin testified in October of last year in a closed-door deposition that after checking in with a single injured agent from the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, a man who would spend more than a year recovering at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Clinton went the rest of 2012 without speaking to another survivor.

That view contradicts what Hillary Clinton would tell Congress six days later in an open hearing.

‘I talked to the survivors when they came back to the United States,’ Clinton said during a lengthy Capitol Hill grilling. ‘And one who was for many months in Walter Reed on the telephone.’

Abedin testified differently in an October 16, 2015 deposition before the Select Committee on Benghazi, saying Clinton spoke with just one agent through the end of 2012.

She also told investigators that it was she who reminded Clinton to check in on the hospitalized security agent nearly 7 weeks after the attack.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told DailyMail.com that questions about whether Clinton followed up with her underlings after they faced death in Libya indicate her shortcomings as a candidate.

‘Hillary Clinton started the Libyan war that put our Ambassador in danger, her State Department ignored repeated requests for security, then left them there to die,’ Trump said.

‘Next, she lied to the world about a video being the cause. Now we learn she even delayed meeting with survivors.’

She unleashed ISIS, failed our diplomatic personnel, and put the whole nation at risk through her corrupt email scheme,’ Trump continued. ‘Hillary is dangerous, incompetent, and reckless. She can never lead.’

You got THAT right, Donald! How could Democrats be SO stupid to have Hillary Clinton, one of the key people responsible for Ambassador Stevens’ death and others, be their next Democratic nominee for president? Do they really want a “Liar-in-Chief” responsible for ALL of our troops? Seriously? They have obviously NOT seen, read or heard of Benghazi then!

Either that or their head must be in the sand or the pile of “free stuff” their getting from our generous government…because what they don’t understand is that the “free stuff” is NOT coming from their government, but coming from taxes paid by hard working Americans like you and I. As long as Democrats are in charge…there will be more “free stuff” for those that vote for idiots, like Hillary Clinton, into office. Unfortunately, there will also be more soldiers that risk their lives for these same idiots to protect our freedom and their butts.

I hope when you go out and celebrate the 4th of July, you will remember those soldiers that are serving to protect our country and ensuring your freedom, so that you can enjoy Independence Day! God Bless our Troops!


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