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10 Slogans for Democrats If They Were Honest:


Our long national nightmare is NOT overat least NOT until we can get someone OTHER than Hillary elected as president. Democrats could give a rat’s as* about the economy, jobs, or you or I. They just want to stay “in power” and do whatever the he** they want to. They have TOTAL disrespect for Americans in general, and total disrespect for the law, as we have witnessed in the last 8 years of Obama as president, and especially with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. And if you think for one minute, it’s going to get ANY better with Hillary as president…well I want whatever Maui Wauie you’re smokin’!

There is no doubt the Democratic Party has been consistently working to demolish America for decades. If this was the last David Letterman Show and we had to list the “top 10 slogans” for “if Democrats were capable of being honest..”, well, this would be the “Top 10” list: 


Now…how about a little rebuttal with a Reagan spin to it:

10) Yes…Democrats are absolutely and always clinging to taxes and abortion. If you found a Democrat that was pro-life AND for reducing taxes…well most likely that would be a fluke. It just doesn’t exist and if it does, it’s an oddity. They would rather fund anything that Planned Parenthood or the butchers do, than stand up for the rights of a child.


9) Democrats will say they didn’t destroy our freedoms, but they certainly have done everything in their power to take away any freedom we have and insert any control or power that THEY feel is necessary.


8) Democrats don’t want your opinion. They believe EVERYTHING they do, they do FOR you, because you clearly don’t have one ounce of brain cell to think for yourself.  They believe they are much better at thinking for you!


7)  Someday NONE of THIS will be YOURS….including your liberty. Democrats believe in BIG GOVERNMENT and we all know what happens when government gets too big…


6)  Democrats believe if you can’t TAX it…they don’t care about it, nor do they want to deal with any part of it. If it doesn’t produce more money that they can spend they could care less…and unfortunately for Americans that includes terrorism. And don’t even ask me to say “Radical Islamic Terrorism”…it doesn’t exist if I’m a Democrat.


5) For Democratic politicians, “work” is a dirty word. If they were voted out of office…many couldn’t handle a REAL job. That’s why many will do ANYTHING and say ANYTHING to stay IN office. They don’t mind taking your jobs, but don’t try taking theirs. They also would rather have more people on unemployment and dependent on government…afterall, votes matter, especially the one’s that keep them in power and in office.


4) Democrats believe our Founding Fathers limited government because of “racism”. Every time someone is not treated “fairly” Democrats cry foul and then tell us we must be racists if we disagree. Kinda like, when we disagree about illegal refugees, sanctuary cities and Radical Islamic Terrorists. We must all be “racists” if we don’t like illegal refugees or Radical Islamic Terrorists.the-trouble-with-our-liberal-friends

3.)  Democrats are so obsessed with the “global warming” or “global cooling” hoax…they don’t care if they destroy any and all industries related to their hoax…including the coal industry.


2) Democrats like Obama and Hillary will continue to destroy our Constitution and instill socialism. Obamacare is a perfect example. Whether we need it or not, they want the government to tell US – Americans – what is best for US. They also believe in one world domination and would love to see America fail as the “leading nation of power” in the world. Power means everything to them, but America as a leader… not so much.


and finally…drum roll please……

1.) Democrats are going to do everything in their power to control, control, control….but every time we let government take over one aspect of our life, just know we give up some part of freedom.  We saw that with Obamacare. Before Obamacare we could choose to visit ANY doctor and they could refer us to another doctor, and we could even choose which hospital to go to for treatment or surgery. After Obamacare…Forget about it! All that is gone! Like they say in “Meet the Parents”…Screwed again Focker!…and before you know it, government not only controls our industries like banking, education, healthcare…but everything else. They will control it all and you on the other hand…will have nothing. Your freedom will be gone, just like your healthcare. It may be “free” for others who are dependent on government, but for you…you will be paying for it…in more ways than one.








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