Woman Notices Mountain Lion In Backyard, Horrified By What’s In Its Mouth

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Her back door was open, the breeze was blowing through her house, kids were playing in the backyard, life was good. Then she saw a mountain lion casually make its way through her backyard. Even more nerve-wracking than seeing a lion behind her house, were the screams that her two boys let out. This mother bolted outside and that’s when she saw it!

The woman’s two young sons were playing out in the yard when the mountain lion pounced on her 5-year-old boy. Both kids began screaming in terror, sending their mother immediately outside and running to her son, who was underneath the animal. She didn’t realize that his entire head was in the lion’s mouth until she began fighting the cat off her kid and saw it was even worse than she thought.


With superhuman power, the brave mother pulled the lion’s jaws open with her bare hands to save her son. She miraculously managed to rescue him from the lion’s mouth and then ran away with the boy in her arms. Thankfully, the lion didn’t chase as she put the boy in the car and rushed him to the hospital with the help of her husband.

According to the Aspen Times, the child suffered a deep slice to his right cheek, his right eye was swollen shut, and he was partially scalped by the cat where a portion of his skin was pulled back. The mother received minor injuries to her hands and legs from fighting off the lion but was said to be in good condition. Despite all her son had suffered, he was alert and talking with his mom while at the hospital.

The mountain lion didn’t leave the area where the attack happened and was later found and killed by wildlife authorities. The boy was airlifted to a bigger children’s hospital in Denver in fair condition and will make a full recovery.

What a brave mother! Pure adrenalin must have been coursing through her veins when she pried the jaws of this animal open and saved her son’s life, not caring that she could lose both her arms in the process. This young boy will have an awesome story to tell in the future.

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