Woman Hears ‘Voices’ Coming From Tree, Horrified To See What’s Beneath Leaves

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A woman was doing her usual chores in the yard when she heard voices coming from a tree. Looking around she found no one and instead of assuming she was crazy, which is what I would have done, she went in for a closer look. That’s when she noticed the horrifying thing under the leaves!

She then noticed there was a spot on the ground that looked like it had been recently dug up.

She scratched into the soil and discovered a baby’s foot before calling her family to help rescue the baby and transfer it to hospital.


 She told bangkok.coconuts.co: “At first, I thought someone had buried their pet alive, but then I saw a foot.

“I tried to control myself and called for help. The baby was buried with its face facing down.”


Her husband Pornchai, who helped, said the baby was buried in a 20-centimeter deep hole. He also noticed footprints and heard a motorbike close by and informed police, who are trying to track down the baby boy’s parents.


Doctors said the baby showed signs of abuse and had been stabbed more than a dozen times. The boy is fine now and it seems he has a strong will to live.

It is so sad this would happen to such an innocent child! Police are still investigating, but they said they won’t give up until they find whoever is guilty of such a horrific crime.

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