Woman Dies In Car Crash, Bystander Finds Something Shocking In the Backseat!

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The car was burning up and it was already too late for the woman, she died instantly. When a man passing by noticed what was happening he instantly jumped in to help! He was baffled at what he found laying in a heap in the back of the car…a baby.

Astonishingly, a passing motorist rushed over to the wreckage and found little Michaela was alive.
The motorist, Miguel Willis, pulled the baby from the car.


She was airlifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. She is now being treated for severe head trauma in intensive care.

‘The truck hit the Jeep pretty hard,’ Willis told KRMG.
He said his only thought was to ‘get the door open and get the child out, because the Jeep caught on fire.’

The family is now reeling, trying to raise money for Green’s funeral and to support Michaela.
Green did not have life insurance.


Green’s mother-in-law Shilesta Ryals told WSB-TV that the Jeep had a mechanical problem that made it stall and jolt at random.

She believes that may have caused the crash.

Her family thinks it may have been a mechanical problem with her jeep that caused the accident. They said it would stall from time to time, which created obvious problems when you’re driving. Thank goodness at least the baby lived.

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