Watergate 2.0: Democrat Party Records Stolen

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This break-in is a lot bigger than Watergate, but if you follow the national news you’ll never hear about it because the break-in wasn’t by Republicans and the information stolen is damning to Democrats.

Last week a hacker code-named Fred cracked the Democratic National Committee’s computer system. The D&C is insisting that no financial, donor, or personal information was stolen but that’s a claim that’s up for grabs. In other words, and I know you’ll be shocked, the Democrats may be lying about what the hacker got.

The hacker is suspected to have connections to Russian intelligence. That would be the same Russian intelligence that reportedly cracked Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server that she kept in her bathroom.

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The hacker released Excel spreadsheets that documented contributions from financiers, lobbyists and other major donors. The spreadsheets included detailed records of funds given to the party by elected officials and they tracked big donors who have forked out piles of money to fund the national convention in Philadelphia.

The information, which is just beginning to be reviewed, contained some very interesting information other than donors and dollar amounts.

There are emails dating back to last year showing communications between the Clinton campaign and the DNC. I suspect Bernie Sanders supporters are going to have a field day with those because it’s obvious the Democratic National Committee was coordinating with the Clinton campaign for at least a year.

There are also emails that discuss ways that Clinton fundraisers could discuss donations to super PACs. It’s illegal for a campaign to coordinate activities with PACs and there is a three-page memo from Clinton’s legal team explaining how to “legally” direct donations to “preferred super PACs.”

There’s nothing really surprising here if you been following the Clintons for more than a month. The Clinton family makes the Bonanno family look like a preschool.

Also unlike Watergate, no Democrat will approach Hillary and say, “It’s time to go.” Because they’re all part of the same criminal conspiracy.

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