Watch Sarah Palin Rip Obama a New One: Excellent…

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Sarah Palin attacked President Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima while speaking to Donald Trump supporters at a California rally on Friday. 

The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee pivoted to Obama’s trip during her opening speech for Trump, calling the trip an “apology lap,” the Washington Post reported, in the Japanese city that was flattened by a US atomic bomb.

Palin said Obama was “dissing our vets” and that he believes “the greatest generation was perpetuating the evil of World War II.”

“Our commander in chief suggesting – actually, lying in suggestions – to the world that we were wrong to prove that we would eradicate evil in World War II,” she said.

The president did not apologize for the U.S.’ decision to use an atomic bomb to end World War II in his visit to the memorial site in Hiroshima Friday. Leave it to Obama to be the first sitting American president to not only visit Cuba, but Hiroshima.  That alone should tell you something!

On Memorial Day Weekend, Obama dissed our vets! Our Commander-in-Chief visited Hiroshima instead of visiting Pearl Harbor where he could have memorialized Americans who lost their lives.

Palin claims ““No, stupid is supporting that warped view by supporting today’s candidates who would shine the boots of a president, a party leader, who would show up this week in Hiroshima, instead of Pearl Harbor, to memorialize the Americans who lost their lives in defense of freedom”.

Got that right!

As the crowd chants: Trump! Trump! Trump!….

Palin adds, “I want a President who will never disrespect our vets!…”as the crowd continues with: USA! USA! USA!

Let’s hope American wakes up in time to elect a president that will not only honor our military, but put strength back in our military!  Peace through strength! God Bless America!

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