WATCH San Diego Cops Smackdown Illegals Protesting Trump

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Donald Trump was in San Diego last week and he spoke at the convention center. San Diego’s Mexicans wanted to make sure he had a warm reception and they showed up in force. What they didn’t show up with was a collective IQ of over 100.

Like Trump protesters everywhere the only message they have is violence. They spent the afternoon pulling up landscaping and rocks outside the convention center and throwing them at San Diego’s police who were there to try to keep order.


As a group of Mexicans storm the police line one of them decided they needed to be better armed. According to a KABC reporter on the scene a female Mexican in a red bandanna shouted, “Get his gun!” Then she reached across the barrier and reached for it. She was able to get his radio. She kept encouraging the crowd and the man charged the line and went for the gun.

Want to see how well that worked out for him? Check this out:

As the campaign moves on these protests are getting more and more violent. You can expect to see people just like these rioting in the streets of Cleveland during the Republican convention. The following week in Philadelphia they’ll not only be writing on the streets they’ll be card-carrying delegates to the Democratic national convention and you can expect to see this on the floor of the convention.

It’s going to be a long hot summer and these fools aren’t bright enough to understand that what they’re doing is laying the groundwork for Donald Trump landslide.

People may not “like” Donald Trump, but most people absolutely hate these idiots.

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