Man Has Meltdown Outside Store, Then Does Something Utterly Bizarre!

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This would only happen in Oregon with the hippies. An odd video has gone viral of a man crawling outside of a convenient store on the ground. That’s not the weird part though it’s what he was wearing, or in this case not wearing, that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Maybe that’s what this poor fellow put on such a show for. Some people are desperate to be noticed. Ironically a shirtless man started yelling at him…to put his clothes back on!


A female police officer comes up to the two men outside the store. The naked man at one point gets up and rushes into Ray’s Market.

The man, identified by KOBI as 36-year-old Dustin Lee Rice of Klamath Falls, had earlier argued with Ben Bliss’s girlfriend Ashley Layne on June 3rd, the TV station reported.


Bliss told the station: ‘I woke up to her arguing with the gentleman that decided to make a big old scene about feeding our dogs tacos.’

Layne also spoke to KOBI, revealing that Bliss booted Rice from the yard before Rice undressed himself.
Police apprehended Rice inside the convenience store, the news outlet reported.

KOBI reported that authorities booked Rice for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, with Rice later released on his own recognizance.

I feel bad for laughing, but this was sort of funny! I hope this guy get’s the help he so desperately needs. This man was taken to the hospital for evaluation, he was then released and taken to jail.


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