WATCH: Girl’s Murderer Smirks In Court, Victim’s Father Gets His OWN Justice [VIDEO]

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Trying to pick up the pieces after their daughter’s murder, this mourning father couldn’t control his rollercoaster of emotions, then he saw the unremorseful murderer smirk at his pain.

He had gotten too far under this daddy’s skin, so the father did what any furious father would do, he took a flying leap toward the killer and let him have it!

The needle he’d been sentenced to was the least of his problems…he took justice into his own hands!

Mr Terry turned, paused and lunged toward Madison as police officers scrambled to haul him back.

The hearing continued once Mr Terry was taken from the courtroom. Madison did not appear to be injured.

The scuffle happened just minutes after Madison was sentenced to death for the 2013 killings.

The bodies of Ms. Deskins, Ms. Sheeley and teenager Miss Terry were found wrapped in garbage bags near the East Cleveland apartment building where Madison lived in July 2013.

A cable television worker reported a putrid smell coming from a garage shared by Madison at the apartment building.

Inside, police found the decaying body of a woman wrapped in garbage bags that were sealed closed with tape.

The next day, searchers found bodies in the basement of a vacant house and in the backyard of a home nearby.

Madison told police he strangled two of the women but could not remember killing the third.
McDonnell said the horrific nature of Madison’s crimes far outweighed evidence presented in efforts to spare him, including an abusive and chaotic childhood.

Madison was also convicted last month of multiple counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping.

Any execution is likely years away because of lengthy appeals. Ohio also lacks supplies of lethal drugs.

Madison’s attorneys never contested his guilt at trial. They instead focused on saving his life by presenting evidence that Madison suffered lasting psychological damage from physical abuse as a youngster.

There was testimony that Madison was abused by his drug-addicted mother, a stepfather, some of his mother’s boyfriends and family members.

‘This history of abuse and his dysfunctional upbringing certainly doesn’t excuse what happened here but certainly provides a basis for understanding the type of person Michael Madison evolved into,’ defense attorney David Grant told the judge Thursday.

People like this are truly evil. They are getting the easy way out with the needle, in a twisted way I almost wish he had to suffer. He had the nerve to smirk again after the attack as he watched the family in anguish.

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