WARNING Disturbing: Man Does THIS with dead wife…not what you think!

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It usually goes without saying, but it’s VERY important to know someone well before getting into a serious relationship with them. I’m sure this woman never dreamed her husband would murder her and do some of the hideous things he did to her, yet there she lies 6 feet under…

Did she see it coming?

According to The Times of India, he told officers he and his wife had been drinking when they argued about his job and whether they could ‘manage on his current earnings’.
He said: ‘She went on and on about how I had ruined her life. I picked up a brick and hit her on the face three times. She began to bleed profusely and started screaming for help.’

The rikshaw driver then confessed to beating her to death at their home in Nihal Vihar, New Delhi, and then bathing her body before taking her to bed.

He added: ‘I made love to her for the last time and apologized to her. I passed out beside her and only woke up around 10am the next morning.’


Everything took place on May 30th. There was a five-day hunt for Sharma when he was finally discovered he revealed the dirty details about what went down that awful day. He said that the argument happened right before she died, and was about finances; she blamed him for ruining her life. They’d been evicted from two homes due to their constant quarrels.

Finances are a very common thing for couples to argue about, it adds a lot of stress to a marriage, and this couple obviously didn’t cope well with the added stress.

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