Turkish Newspaper Tells Gay Americans Who to Vote For

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A Turkish newspaper, Yeni Akit, that supports Al Qaeda and has a long record of hate speech against Jews, Christians, and gay groups featured the following headline after the Orlando mass murder: “Death toll rises to 50 in bar where perverted homosexuals go!”

Did I mention it’s a Muslim newspaper? Some people are upset because the headline would appear to be celebrating the murder of 50 people rather than condemning it. Well, what would you expect from a Muslim newspaper?

You can expect that a newspaper with their track record would want this guy, who survived the shootings, to be hung for being in the club.

4 Homo 1.That headline should tell gay Americans all they need to know about who to vote for in November. They can vote for the party that has spent the last seven years rationalizing Muslim terrorism, and the party that just made a deal with the state of Iran, the same state that celebrates homosexual diversity this way.

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They can vote for the party that refuses to investigate mosques where imams routinely preach hatred, terror, and Hillary Clinton’s State Department shut down an investigation of the mosque where the Orlando shooter went to “pray” four times a week.

They can vote for the party that wants to bring hundreds of thousands of the Orlando shooter’s sympathizers into the U. S. and park them in your neighborhood.

Or, they can vote for Donald Trump who recognizes Muslim terrorism when he sees it and isn’t afraid to call it out. They can vote for Donald Trump who wants to put a long overdue ban on Muslim immigration into the U.S. They can vote for Donald Trump who wants to keep a much closer watch on what the Religion of Pieces is doing in their mosques.

They can vote in their best interest and for their survival, or they can vote for the party that uses them at every turn but doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about whether they live or die.

In November we’re going to find out if the gay community is more concerned about suing bakers and florists or surviving.

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