Trump Welcomed Bernie Supporters: Got A Huge Surprise! [VIDEO]

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After his huge wins on Tuesday night Donald Trump thanked his supporters for helping him break the all-time Republican vote record with over 13 million votes.  During the speech he reached out to voters who had supported other candidates.

“To those who voted for someone else, in either party, I will work hard to earn your support, and I will work very hard to earn that support.”

And then he reached out to Bernie’s supporters who have been shunned by the Democratic Establishment.

“To all of those Bernie Sanders voters who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system of superdelegates, we welcome you with open arms”

Here’s Donald in his own words:

Despite what the Republican Establishment would have you believe, Trump and Sanders are very far apart on virtually every issue, but on some issues there is agreement.  The trade pacts that Bill Clinton negotiated, Hillary supported and the TPP that Obama is trying to ram through – that Hillary supported until she didn’t – are two examples.

Trade pacts have been net job exporters, sending manufacturing jobs to, of all places, Mexico.

Donald Trump is vowing to upend those pacts and replace them with deals that favor American workers and that will create good manufacturing jobs in the U.S..

Obviously not all of Bernie’s supporters will cross the aisle and vote for Trump, but at last count about 20% of them said they would do just that.  Here’s an example from Donald Trump’s Facebook page:

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With respect to the other 80%, a huge chunk of those are kiddies.  The collegiate-socialist set.  They won’t be voting for Hillary; they’ll be staying home – well, in their parents’ home – in the basement, smoking dope and playing video games.

Remember, Donald Trump set an all-time vote getting record for Republicans.  Hillary got fewer votes than she did in 2008.  Add to that, the fact that Trump speaks to overflow crowds who are excited to support him and who are willing to brave the gauntlet of Democrat rioters to see him, while Hillary puts audiences to sleep.

It’s going to be a very interesting summer.

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