Trump-Themed Lamborghini Parks Right Where Obama Could See It

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The Secret Service went on alert earlier this week when a vehicle rolled up in front of the White House.

Reportedly the first family was not evacuated.

That’s right, it’s the Lamborghini Trumpventador.  I want one.

I’m willing to undergo a complete Secret Service investigation to get one.  I won’t pay for it though.

The car was part of the goldRush Rally, an annual event that shows off very high end sports cars like the Lambo ($400,000 plus tax and fuel surcharge) on a U.S. tour every year.  The rally is in its eighth year which prompted the “GR8” symbolism that fits right into the Trump campaign.

There’s no information on what the custom paint job cost or what will happen to the car when the rally ends.  I think it would make a great car for Trump to ride in on inauguration day.

As far as evacuating the first family, that happens in seven more months.  I hope, for his own safety, President Trump puts a bag over the White House and has the place fumigated.  God only knows what the current residents could leave behind.

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