Top 5 Trump Strategic Attacks on Hillary

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The media is all adither with the speculation that they’re going to be instrumental in crowning Hillary Clinton the next President.  After all they ushered Barack Obama into two terms in the Oval Office, so why wouldn’t they be able to do it again?

If a “normal” Republican was running it would be a slamdunk for Hillary and the Democratic operatives with bylines in the media. They certainly went all out for Barack who, in 2004, was easily the weakest candidate ever run by any party.

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He had zero accomplishments to point to, but he had two big benefits. He was black and he was running against John McCain. The Democratic operatives with bylines sealed him off from criticism. And John McCain refused to criticize him even if they hadn’t it just wouldn’t be nice.

In 2008 Obama was the weakest incumbent president ever to run for reelection. The economy and gone nowhere, ObamaCare was a widely regarded disaster, and our foreign policy made ObamaCare look good.

So what did the Republicans do? They nominated the nicest man they could find, Mitt Romney. A very accomplished businessman who has likely never even said the word “darn” in his life. The Obama media machine made hash of him.

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.Which brings us to 2016.

Once again a laundry list of country club Republican Establishment candidates came crawling out of the woodwork. Jeb Bush had a super PAC with well over $100 million to spend and 18 months ago Hillary’s friends in the media told us that another push was going to be the Republican candidate. Except it didn’t work out that way.

Along came Donald Trump who spent roughly my household budget on Scotch to win enough delegates to become the presumptive Republican nominee. Along the way he crushed all of the Establishment candidates to the point where the Establishment was forced to rally around Ted Cruz.


Donald Trump is now headed for Cleveland and the Republican nomination.

The question is, how in the world is he going to win? After all, Hillary has experience on the world stage as Secretary of State and a U. S. senator, was First Lady for eight years, and has been around politics at high levels …going on 50 years.

She and her husband have 40 years of uninterrupted campaign experience and they have had a political team in Washington since 1992.

How do you beat that? Well, it’s beginning to look like Donald Trump is going to beat Hillary the same way he beat the Republican Establishment to a pulp.

He’s down significantly in the polls, but a year ago he wasn’t even on the Republican radar and six months ago the Republican Establishment and Republican political money were aligned solidly against him. Realistically he’s probably in better shape today against Hillary than he was six months ago against the Republican Establishment.

Donald Trump beat the Republican Establishment by telling the truth and Lord knows there’s more truth to tell about Hillary then there was about all of the Republican candidates who were aligned against him.

The American people – just like the British people last week – are sick and tired of a rigged political system with two branches of essentially the same party. That party represents entrenched political interests not the people.

Donald Trump will hammer that message and continue to point out that Hillary IS the Establishment and he is the outsider who can change things.

The “outsider” theme work for Ronald Reagan, worked for Bill Clinton, worked for Barack Obama, and it could very well work for Donald Trump. Hillary’s Democratic operatives with bylines – and in fact both the Republican and Democratic Establishments – have no idea how much we “common people” hate what they’ve done to our country. And in fact most of us hate them. It’s not a matter of principles, they’ve made it personal. That tends to not show up in telephone polls, it tends to show up at the ballot box. Just ask the Brits.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan, “I’m with her” has been flipped by Donald with people saying “He’s with us.” The Democrats focus on getting people behind them while Donald Trump is focusing on letting the people know he’s behind them.

“She’s a world-class liar.” Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is lying every time she moves her lips. Donald Trump is the only person who has the veracity to come out and say the obvious in 30 years. He’s pointed out connections between Hillary’s time in the State Department and donations to the Clinton Foundation, just follow the money.

And then there’s the anger about both Republicans and Democrats who have been unwilling to stop any illegal immigration flood into this country. If there was one thing that steamrolled the other candidates in the Republican primary it was Donald Trump’s pledge to build the wall. If anything, Hillary Clinton is to left of Barack Obama on amnesty. That plays well with her acolytes in the media but it doesn’t play well on Main Street.

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And then there’s our Muslim problem. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – and Paul Ryan – want open doors to “Middle Eastern refugees.” Never mind the fact that up to 15% of those “refugees” are Al Qaeda/ISIS operatives and we have no way of screening them.

Donald Trump wants to do what Jimmy Carter did – Stop Muslim Immigration. That’s received well on Main Street too, and if ISIS manages to pull off another terrorist attack, or two, or three this summer, Hillary’s position will be a real problem for her.

Yes, she was Secretary of State, but she made a complete mess of the Middle East. And then, it was that “Russian Reset” that turned the Russians loose on Eastern Europe.

And let’s not forget Benghazi. Ever.

16-0119 Benghazi

I don’t know if Donald Trump is going to be our next president but what I do know is that Donald Trump is going to make a real fight of it. He’s no John McCain. He’s no Mitt Romney. He’s no Paul Ryan. And thank God for that.


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