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Thug Threatens to kill Donald Trump: Gets VIDEO SURPRISE!


The gene pool in the #NeverTrump crowd is a little thin.  This idiot threatened Donald Trump on Facebook.  He made the threat via a “rap video” and showed off a whole bunch of bling.  His concern seemed to be that his mama was going to lose her food stamps and he was going to have to get a job.

Sounds like more than enough reason to threaten Donald, right?



This guy probably isn’t even the dumbest guy we’re going to see protesting / threatening Donald Trump before this is all over.

The Secret Service is going to have to add staff for President Donald Trump.  We on the right don’t like Barack Obama but we don’t plan on killing him.  The left would drop a dime on Trump in a heartbeat.

If you’re questioning that, ask Vince Foster.

6 Vince


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