Syrian Refugees in Idaho Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint Then Do This With Body: [VIDEO]

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They were new to the neighborhood, and she was getting to know her new neighbors.

They lived in an area of Twin Falls known as Fawnbrook.  It’s an interesting area because the Obama administration – with the help of Paul Ryan – have moved over 50 families of Syrian “refugees” into the area.  Two of the three boys were Syrians.

Innocent play when one of the three boys – aged eight, 10, and 13 – took the little five-year-old into the laundry unit stripped her naked, held a knife to her throat and repeatedly raped her, and then urinated on her because the two younger boys were incapable of ejaculating. The 13-year-old videotaped the entire episode on his cell phone camera.


The little girl was found by her grandmother who called her mother who called the police.

Twin Falls police took immediate action by showing up two and a half hours after the report of the rape of a five-year-old girl. They would have been there in less time but there was a “language barrier.” The little girl couldn’t speak English.

The mother of one of the alleged rapist arrived on the scene and fortunately she spoke English. Well, she spoke to words of English, “no police.” The father of the 13-year-old who took the video of the rape reportedly congratulated his son.

This rape of a five-year-old girl has been buried in the small town of Twin Falls, Idaho. The police refused to comment and local news media will barely make reference to it.

A Twin Falls judge has sealed the case because all parties are minors. If it wasn’t for social media the residents of Twin Falls wouldn’t even know their Muslim neighbors had been busy practicing their “Religion of Peace” on June 2 with a five-year-old girl.

The Muslim “refugees” have made quite an impact in the once peaceful city of Twin Falls. There are now routine reports of hit-and-run incidents by Muslims and reports of Muslims spinning on other Twin Falls residents.

To top it all off the city approved construction of a new mosque in 24 hours even though an application to build a new home would take a minimum of two weeks to process.

Twin Falls residents are not happy and they went to a city Council meeting to address their concerns. Their city council members are claiming ignorance, one said he had heard nothing about a rape, and another suggested that his Twin Falls neighbors were racist and prejudiced against Muslims and perhaps even white supremacists.

Here’s the City Council meeting.

Barack Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America. He’s doing an excellent job in Twin Falls and Paul Ryan is doing everything he can to help.


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