Students Discover Something AMAZING In An Old Couch!

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I always found it gross when people bought second-hand couches or cushions of any kind.

You really can’t clean those things well enough and from the looks of this couch, it was beyond repair.

Being that it was free the students took advantage of the situation not caring that it looked like kids threw up all over it. What they discovered inside the sofa when they took it home made it well worth their while…


While it wasn’t the lottery, you can likely imagine how amazing it would be to find over $40,000 inside of a couch that you had bought secondhand!
The students then took pictures of themselves counting out the money, but their joy quickly came to an end.
Much to their dismay, there was an envelope with a name inside of it. They called the woman and told her they had found the couch. The woman immediately expressed her relief and told them that she had put a lot of money inside the cushions, but her family hadn’t known about that, so they donated the couch.


These kids did the admirable thing, but it would certainly be hard to return the money without a good set of morals! It’s wonderful that there are people in the world who still care about others feelings, they are certainly a rare breed!

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