Stabbed and burned For a creepy ritual THIS was found in a cemetery

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Police officers and firefighters found an animal on a grave in a cemetery that was so burned and mutilated that it was hard to make out what it was at first. A cat named Po was the animal laying on the grave hardly breathing.

The hospital staff said they smelled accelerant on him when he was brought in.

It’s so sad that someone would do this to an innocent animal, we know there are messed up people out there it’s just terrible when it becomes a reality.




He told CBS DFW: ‘The injuries are significant, but he is purring and that’s a really good sign.
‘It shows he wants to get better.’

Not far from Po at the cemetery was a fire, and items including candles, a crucifix, and latex gloves were in the area, according to the TV station.
A water bottle that was discovered is being looked at for fingerprints, CBS DFW reported.
Sgt. Marc Povero told CW33: ‘Right now, it’s obviously still under investigation, so we don’t know exactly what occurred.
‘But with the evidence that was found at the scene, officers determined that it was some kind of religious ritual that occurred.’

Animal Hope put a picture of Po on facebook, with an update that he was doing better and that they’d gotten him to eat. Hopefully, these people will be caught, no one likes an animal abuser!!

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