‘Sorry for the smell’: Couple horrified to find THIS from previous tenant….

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When you are a young couple you’re usually excited to move into your first apartment together. You may even anticipate all of the fun times that await you. However, I am pretty sure they had no clue what they were about to find when they stepped foot into their first apartment together…

They were horrified to discover that something was wrapped inside a shower curtain with a note attached that said: “enjoy the smell”. As they opened the curtain they found a rotting corpse! These 18-year-olds said the smell lead them to the cupboard, that’s when they made the grisly discovery. It was the former tenant.



Next to the body was a note, left by the killer, apologizing ‘for the smell.’

Authorities have not determined how long Harris’ body had lay at the property but neighbors had reported that the stench emanating from the apartment was so bad they had been unable to sleep at night.

An autopsy revealed Harris had died of multiple skull fractures from repeated blows to the head.

Another tenant, thought to be the building manager, told police that he had decided to rent out the apartment after he had not seen the tenant for some time. He believed that the 64-year-old was at the hospital and ‘wouldn’t be back,’ police sources said.

The apartment manager offered them the apartment with the exception that they clean it out. While they went through his things they discovered a foot hanging out of a cupboard. Police are currently hunting the killer. This is exactly why location matters when you move to a new place! You get what you pay for and in this case, these kids got a dead body.

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