Seriously Over This?! …His Feet Were Rotting, He Refused To Get Up For Six Days

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Police stumbled upon a boy passed out with putrid smelling feet on the train tracks. The teen woke briefly to beg for some water before collapsing again, they immediately called an ambulance. Baffled by this odd occurrence, when they boy woke up police asked how he’d fallen into such a desperate state. The story he told them left their minds swirling in disbelief.

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…he told police officers that he had spent all his money playing video games and had not eaten or slept in several days. When he couldn’t afford to play anymore, he just started wondering around the city and eventually passed out from fatigue.

After identifying the man, local police contacted his father, who initially didn’t want to know anything about his son. It turns out all he did was play video games on the internet, and had run away from home 10 days prior. However, after hearing about the state he was found in, the man asked police to bring the teen home.

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While the exact cause of his rotting feet are yet to be confirmed by doctors, Chinese media reports that it has to do with his poor hygiene and lack of sleep. Police told reporters that if they wouldn’t have found him, the boy would have probably died.
Online video games are very popular in China, but some turn their passion into an addiction for which they are willing to sacrifice everything. In the past, we wrote about a Chinese boy who had apparently been living in an internet cafe for six years, and about a couple who tried to sell their children so they could afford to play video games.

This is baffling! I’m not one who can sit long playing video games, in fact, I don’t really enjoy them to be honest. I know I would be shamed by many for admitting that, but it’s the truth. This boy was my polar opposite, he couldn’t get enough of twiddling his thumbs on the game controller. Gaming is a common addiction, not just in China, but everywhere. This obsession is harder to beat than it seems. I have heard of men losing their homes and families to this kind of thing, but almost losing your life is a first!

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