Second-Grader Takes Water Gun To School… His Mother Gets TROUBLING Phone Call

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Boy’s love their toys, and this 7-year-old was no exception. It’s getting warm outside and he thought he would bring his fun to school so he could share with his buddies on the playground, little did he know he would have crazy adults flip out on him over the kind gesture, most kids are taught to share right? The school chose the punishment for this young boy to fit his “crime” and it is beyond ridiculous it’s ABSURD!

According to WAVY, a 7-year-old boy named Josiah Green received a 10-day suspension after he was caught at school with two brightly colored plastic toy guns — one a water pistol, the other a Nerf gun — neither of which could ever possibly be confused with a real firearm.

But apparently a 10-day suspension for possessing plastic toys at school was not enough, as administrators suggested they may tack on a one-year expulsion to the young student’s sentence.

“It is frustrating right now,” said Audreyann Davis, the boy’s mother. “I was emotional and shocked. I understand that he’s suspended, but now you’re throwing that he could be expelled on the table.”

“I blame myself,” she added, explaining that she typically checks his backpack for errant toys before sending him off to school. “The one day I didn’t think about making sure he left his toys in the house.”


“We have to have common sense,” declared Tim Anderson, an attorney hired by Davis. “There’s no doubt it’s a toy gun and from Josiah’s standpoint he had it in his pocket at P.E. He wasn’t even shooting it at anybody. He just had it on him.”

The Portsmouth school board, which oversees the Douglass Park Elementary school the boy attends, was scheduled to hold a hearing Thursday regarding the potential expulsion for violating their zero-tolerance policy with a pair of toy guns.

“The School Board feels the community deserves their attention on matters involving weapons and look-alike guns in schools,” said Ari Durall of the Portsmouth School System. “There are a wide-range of options available in addition to expulsion for the School Board to take appropriate action.”

Oh gosh, the community DESERVES the school boards presence in this matter… what stand up citizens, let’s just take a wild guess and call it like we see it, they’re Democrats. I can understand if the toy is painted black or something and looks like a real gun. This was a squirt gun! People need to stop with the gun phobia, guns protect more than they harm people.

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