Scientists Say a Monster Pig With a Human Brain on the Way: Not a New Pink Floyd Album …

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Scientists in California are injecting human stem cells into pig embryos producing “human-pig” embryos.  They’re doing it to develop human organs for transplant from the pig embryos.

There may be a side effect.  Some fear that mixing human and pig genes this way could result in beings that look like animals but have human brains.

Actually, I don’t think this is all that new.  It could explain this.

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University of California scientists are saying they are taking every precaution and they believe there is a very low potential for a human brain to grow in a pig.  They obviously don’t follow Democratic politics.

It turns out that pigs are the ideal incubator to grow human body parts and scientists are able to grow a variety of human organs including hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs, and corneas.  The organ grown in the pig is an exact genetic copy of the organ from the stem cell donor patient which significantly reduces the risk of rejection after transplant.

Needless to say the “animal rights” groups are having a fit.  They’re concerned that this procedure will lead to “organ farms” where pigs are grown for human organs.  They are concerned about “animal suffering.”  To hell with the humans who are suffering and need organ transplants, for them this is all about pigs.  And being vegan.  And shopping at Whole Foods.

There are two other side benefits to this procedure.

First, it will drive the Muslims crazy.  Can you imagine an Imam needing an organ transplant only to find that the “donor” is a pig?  Make my day.

And the second benefit is that it could put Planned Parenthood’s organ and tissue farming operation out of business.


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Heaven forbid we could grow an organ in a pig rather than murder an unborn baby for that same organ.  With any luck Planned Parenthood’s revenue would drop to the point of abortion “doctors” starving to death.

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