Salvation Army workers find tote bag, what’s inside, REVOLTING!

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An Ohio man had had enough, his conscience had eaten at him for far too long. He donated a tote bag to the Salvation Army and what workers discovered inside had them in tears.

Polaroid photos were within the bag capturing every moment of him raping a two-year-old girl. Police said he confessed to the photos he had taken of himself and the toddler and has been arrested.


After he was arrested, Sovie told investigators: ‘I am a sick person. That was me. Just put a bullet in my head.’

Officers discovered paperwork in the tote bag that included several pieces of mail with Sovie’s name and former address in Grove City, where the rape allegedly occurred in 2000.
Authorities said the evidence from the photographs are ‘very clear’ and ‘very disturbing’, according to WCMH.

Sovie covered his face as he appeared in Franklin County Municipal Court on Tuesday.
He wore an anti-suicide smock, a tear-resistant vest used to prevent prisoners from turning their uniform into a noose.


Police said that the man admitted to another crime involving a child back in 1989 but detectives haven’t located the details yet. They believe he isn’t telling them everything since it’s highly unlikely he stopped committing crimes back in 2000.

This is very disturbing and makes you realize just how close of an eye you need to keep on your kids while you’re out in public.

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