Is A Revolt of the Generals Coming?

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You’ve probably been following the ongoing reality TV series that Barack Obama has turned the U.S. military into a social justice outfit.

You’ve got your openly homosexual soldiers.  You’ve got your transgender soldiers.  You’ve got your women who are demanding combat slots and the Secretary of Defense is caving in to all of them.

That has some Generals – the ones who are more worried about national defense than getting another star on their shoulder – very worried. Here’s Marine General John Kelly on women in combat.

The Marine Corps did a year-long study on the effect of women in combat, General Kelly referred to it.  More women get hurt worse in training than men.  If they survive training they slow infantry units down.  They’re not able keep up with men.  They put soldiers and Marines at risk and the one sure thing that we’ll see from the PC BS is more dead soldiers and Marines and a significantly less lethal fighting force than we have now.

But that’s what Barack Obama wanted when he said this:

The real question is…Will the next President be able to reverse the course?  Will the Establishment Republicans in Congress work with the Democrats to stop him if he tries?

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