Religion of Peace Threatens to Hang French Waitress

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It’s Ramadan and for the Religion of Peace that means It’s time for Ramadan Madness.

Every year during Ramadan, when the “Muslim faithful” are supposed to be reaffirming their faith by fasting and praying, Muslim countries and countries that track crime by Muslims see at 220% increase in violent crime.

A waitress in a café in Nice, France got an example of Ramadan Madness when she was assaulted by two men because she was serving alcohol to customers in the café during Ramadan.

Nice is a city on the French Riviera famed for sun, a beautiful beach front, and a tourism quality of life.

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Their biggest problem right now is that the “tourists” are all Muslims, part of the Muslim invasion of Europe.

Muslims are flooding into Nice and establishing ghettos where Islamic fundamentalism is the rule.  Not that there is any other kind of Islamic practice.

The incident in question happened when two Muslim men suddenly appeared at the bar and told the waitress, “You should be ashamed of yourself for serving alcohol in the Ramadan period.”

The other shouted, “If I were God, I would’ve hung you.”

Waitress wasn’t phased and said, “You’re not God to judge me.”

That set off the “defenders of the faith.” They called her a dirty or and left the café. The closed-circuit security footage shows the two men turning around and rushing the waitress, violently slapping her in the face and knocking her to the floor. The security footage was turned over to the police. The two men have been identified, one of them – shockingly – is an illegal “refugee” whose well-known as a threatening figure in the area.

The waitress, an immigrant from Tunisia, noted that she did the same job in her home country and never had a problem. She summed up the immigrant crisis in Europe when she said, “I didn’t think that in France, a country of liberty, I would of been assaulted like that.”

These are the same people Barack Obama and Paul Ryan have invited to come to the U.S. and who will likely be relocated into your neighborhood.

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