Do They Realize They’re Helping Trump?

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Donald Trump came out Tweeting on Sunday after the Orlando shooter was identified as a Muslim terrorist and here’s what he said.

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And he took some heat from the far left.

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Needless to say the major media attacked him.  One Washington Post writer whined about the “lack of empathy” showed by Trump after the shootings.

Trump refuses to back down.  They tried to corner him on TV news.

That didn’t work so well, did it?

No one in the Democratic Media Complex said a word about Barack Obama being totally out of touch with reality with his sappy response, but what would you expect from Democratic operatives with bylines.

It turns out some writers are having second thoughts.

One Democratic pollster said, “I actually think because this is getting cast as terrorism, his response will work with a lot of people.”

For once the Democrat is right.

Democrats are terrified to tell the truth.  Islam is nothing more than a violent cult started 1,400 years ago by a pedophile rapist and murderer.  Their only contribution to society during that 1,400 years is discovering new and creative ways to butcher people.  They’ve been butchering or enslaving their neighbors for all of that 1,400 years.

Thanks to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party we are not at war with Islam.  On the other hand, Islam is certainly at war with us.

It’s long past time we had a President that understands what it going on with Muslims and it’s long past time for us to do something about it.  And just so we’re clear, George W Bush wasn’t committed to winning a war and his conduct with our troops on the ground and the RoE’s they were forced to follow was shameful.  Obama and the Democrats are just worse.

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