Proof Obama Hates Old People

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Barack Obama – and Democrats in general – hate old people. Actually, they just hate Americans but the point of the spear right now is pointed at the elderly.

President Obama is about to “reform” Medicare. If you’d like to know what that looks like, take a trip to your local VA hospital where administrators routinely keep appointments that are outside of the regular guidelines and off the books so they can report excellence in their follow-up and earn big bonuses. The fact that thousands of veterans have died because they can’t get in to see a doctor is no big deal when those administrators are cashing their bonus checks.

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The president’s new Medicare “reform” is going to seriously shortchange doctors to the point where they will be discouraged from accepting new Medicare patients in the first place.

The latest assault on seniors and their medical care is a 962 page regulation that dictates how doctors treat patients. Remember, this comes from an administration that cries all medical decisions should be between the patient and their doctor, but apparently only if the patient wants an abortion and the doctor has a thriving “baby parts” business.

You won’t be surprised to find out that medical professionals are warning that Obama’s new rules are far too complex and burdensome to be workable for most physicians. On top of significantly increasing the paperwork required, annual fee increases for doctors is capped at 1% and there’s no way THAT will cover increased costs of running a practice.

If you have cancer, the Obama administration’s death panel is going to make sure your doctor uses the cheapest chemotherapy drug without regard to which medication is best for the patient. If you need a joint replacement, you can probably forget about it. The new death panels are going to cause hospitals to refuse older patients who are going to require rehabilitation after surgery.

President Obama and the America-hating Democrats who are on board with this legislation say they are rewarding quality instead of quantity. If you believe that, go to your local VA hospital, or even better start attending some funerals of veterans and ask their families how the medical care at the VA was.

To add insult to injury – that should probably be “to add death to injury” – Hillary Clinton wants to open Medicare to people in their 50’s. They’ve done that in Canada and Britain where administrators label senior citizens “bed blockers” and many treatments are reserved for younger patients condemning seniors to a painful death.

An important thing to remember is that the “American Association Of Retired Persons” is a huge Obama/Democrat machine. They don’t represent senior citizens, they represent the re-election interests of the Democratic Party. They are not a “lobbying group,” they are an insurance company structured as a nonprofit organization. They don’t lobby the government on behalf of seniors, they lobby seniors on behalf of the government. They’re nothing more than a cog in the crime cartel of the Democratic Party.

It’s time to say “NO” to Barack Obama and the Democrats’ death panels. Social Security should certainly be reformed but if people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lead the reform charge you can bet life expectancy in the U. S. is going to drop like a rock.


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