Proof Google is Backing Hillary

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This shouldn’t surprise you, Google is in the tank for Hillary Clinton.  They’re going to do everything in their power – and they’ve got lots of it – to help her get elected.

It looks like they are skewing their search engine results – when compared to other search engines – to provide favorable results for searches about Hillary.


As you know, when you type a search term into the search bar, the engine – whether it’s Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whomever – will give you autocomplete suggestions for the search.  They do it to save you some time and give you an idea what other people are searching for.

Google appears to be making sure you REALLY have to look to find anything negative about the wicked witch of the east.  They are, of course, denying they’re doing anything.

Here’s an example using “Hillary Clinton.”


Here’s 10 more courtesy of the Free Beacon.

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