Prison Hotel for Illegals

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If Barack Obama gave half as much care and benefits to our veterans, that he has to illegal immigrants, we wouldn’t have homeless and helpless veterans waiting in lines for days, weeks and months for benefits and healthcare they deserve. Leave it to Obama to flood our country with illegal immigrants through our wide open borders, and then, provide these illegals with a standard of living that is above and beyond what some citizens would love to have on the taxpayers’ dime.

Federal immigration officials are moving forward with plans for a new 500-bed family detention center to house migrant women and children, even as many advocates and politicians have called for the closure of such facilities altogether.


Officials in Dimmit County, 45 miles from the Texas border with Mexico, say they’ll consider a bid on Monday from a firm who says their facility in a 27-acre former work camp for oil workers would provide dramatically better conditionsthan two other family detention centers in the state.

Those facilities have faced complaints of poor food, inadequate medical care and allegations of sexual abuse from detainees, activists and the US Civil Rights Commission.

“Our facility offers a community-based alternative that will allow children to live in a home setting, attend school, and access critical legal and social services,”Stratton Oilfield Systems said in a pitch to potential partners.

“They want to have it with no fence,” said Mike Uriegas, a commissioner in Dimmit County, who says he first met with Stratton Oilfield Systems two weeks ago. “They don’t want to appear like a prison or detention center.”

But Cristina Parker, Immigration Programs Director for Grassroots Leadership, said she and other advocates object inherently to the concept of a detention center for families fleeing violence, regardless of the purported conditions.

“If you are not free to leave, then it doesn’t matter how nice it is,” Parker said. “It’s a prison.”

The Obama administration’s use of family detention centers that hold children and mothers has become one of the most contested elements of America’s border protection program.

Advocates have called on the Obama administration to pursue alternatives for families who are waiting for courts to hear pending asylum and immigration claims.

“Our families have witnessed their loved ones killed before their eyes, they have been the victim of rapes and robberies simply because of who they are,” said Jonathan Ryan, executive director of the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. “Our refugee families need protection, not jail.”

WHAT!? Seriously!!!! They are here illegally! What part of illegal do you, Mr. Ryan, not understand? If someone does something illegal, they are breaking the law. They are usually locked up, NOT treated like royalty. Get a grip! Taxpayers do NOT want to pay for nice accomodations let alone, fancy hotels for illegals! Close the borders! Stop treating illegal immigrants better than our veterans who have served our country and defended our freedom.

This proposal emerges just days after the US Supreme Court blocked Obama’s plan to spare millions of immigrants from deportation. He vowed afterward: “What was unaffected by today’s ruling, or lack of a ruling, is the enforcement priorities that we’ve put in place.”

That’s right! When it comes to Obama and his agenda to “transform” America…he’s going to continue destroying America, because afterall, what does he care about the law. He considers himself above the law. So what if our US Supreme Court ruled against him…he’s going to do what he wants anyway. What difference does it make?… Why should Obama start obeying any laws now? Laws haven’t affected him in the past. He has total disrespect for our Constitution and is still working hard to destroy our 2nd Amendment Rights before he leaves office. Besides it’s all part of the “Cloward-Piven” strategy and the socialist way.


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