Officer Taken To Court For Asking Member of Islam This Simple Question:

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Yet another case of hurt feelings being taken way to far, and an innocent comment used out of context. A female officer who’s worked on the force for over 20 years overheard a conversation by her Muslim co-worker. She joined in with a different point of view, and nearly lost her job over it!

The offended Muslim used accusations of Islamophobia and racism to plead her case in court. Even federal authorities aren’t safe anymore, Muslims have begun to silence Americans.


When a Canadian police officer made the unforgivable mistake of offending the feelings of a Muslim, she quickly realized just how tolerant the religion of peace really is. While overhearing her Muslim colleague and another worker discussing the Christmas holiday, PC Tracy Houldey, 43, interjected with a question that nearly cost her her career.

The Telegraph reports that Houldey, confused about the Muslim faith, asked, “Why do you celebrate Christmas? You’re a Muslim.” The officer, who was apparently appalled that anyone would want to know why someone would celebrate a religious holiday that opposes their faith, became angry over the question. Unfortunately, Houldey’s wonderment prompted her to question him further.

Explaining her lack of knowledge on the subject, Houldey admitted, “Sikh, Muslim, Hindu — I can’t tell the difference.” Of course, this only further spurred her Muslim coworker’s sense of superiority. The pair quickly erupted in a heated argument, which witnesses claim turned into a yelling match.


The Muslim officer filed a complaint at the INT office in Middlesbrough police station, accusing Houldey of making derogatory and racist remarks, although Islam is an ideology and not a race. It was this report that had Houldey dragged before a disciplinary committee.

Fortunately, the case against Houldey was dropped with only a written warning after PCSO Deborah McClelland confessed that the Muslim coworker was “renowned for winding people up” and had even smirked when Houldey tried to offer an apology to him, according to the Express.

Houldey and the witness said that the initial question was light-hearted and sincere and that she never meant any offense by asking what sets the different religions apart. The discussion only turned sour when the Muslim officer took offense instead of tolerantly educating her on the matter.

PC Neil Taylor added that while Houldey’s comments may have been “ignorant and insensitive,” he’s certain that she would never attempt to spark a feud and that she is not racist.

“Throughout the years I have known her (Pc Houldey) I have never heard her make a comment that is racist. I do not believe she meant it to be offensive,” he said.
Of course, it isn’t just absurd to consider it racist to criticize Islam since Islam is not a race, but it’s equally ridiculous to assume someone is bigoted simply because they open up debate about a religion. This is how Muslims are pushing for the punishment of thought crime in the West.

As the only untouchable group in the West, Muslims are literally and figuratively calling for the heads of those who even wonder why Islam is so much more violent than any other religion. Ruling the Middle East and over 50 countries with inhumane Sharia law, religious minorities in their countries aren’t allowed to speak critically of Islam, lest they be imprisoned, tortured, or executed.

Since we have given the minority specials privileges, they feel free to come up with any lie they want without fear of any kind of punishment. This is exactly how they slaughter thousands of U.S. citizens. It’s time we start putting the needs of our citizens above the tender feelings of murderers.

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