Police Officer Left Child Standing in Rain With This And Didn’t Even Care!

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When the media shows police officers, they tend to twist them into something they’re not, vicious monsters. Here is proof otherwise…

This little kid was lost and cold standing in the rain, compassion tugged at the police officer’s heart strings as he gave up his jacket and helped the child find his parents.


The incident took place in the afternoon of June 1st as the city of Jinhua saw a downpour, reported the People’s Daily Online.

The pictures, taken by a passerby, were shared by Zhejiang Traffic Radio through it’s social media page on Weibo on June 2nd.

The child was crying in the rain when the police officer, surnamed Zhang, saw him on the street during heavy rain, according to the post.

Zhang found out that the child had been separated from his grandmother and had been drenched.

The officer immediately took off his own waterproof coat to cover the child.
The pictures show that the child was so small that the jacket almost covered him completely from the head to the ankles. Only the feet, wearing a pair of sandals, could be seen .

The post called this an ‘extremely heart-warming and touching moment’.

It also said that the difference in the height of the officer and the child has made the scene ‘unbearably cute’.

Zhang later helped the child find the family, the post said.

On such a cold day this act of kindness was warm and touching. It would be wonderful if this kind of thing were shared more often instead of the fake negative light most officers are cast in. This incident happened on Children’s Day, which is celebrated in the country once a year;¬†people are saying this officer gave the child the best gift he will receive this year, love.

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