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Photo From Airport Bathroom Going Viral: You’ll be Outraged


The most-listened-to woman in America on political talk radio is without a doubt, Laura Ingraham. Her show is ranked in radio’s Top 10 and heard coast-to-coast in over 225 markets. Laura is also the Editor-in-Chief and the Co-Founder of the new website, a website for conservatives. Laura also is a Fox News contributor.

Laura was at the San Diego airport and decided to take a picture of a sign she saw near the washroom. Her post on Twitter caught the eye of many. If you’ve been following the news and Obama’s rulings on transgenders and washrooms, you’ll be up to speed on this one.


Laura Ingraham posted this picture along with her caption on Twitter: “Lord help us. San Diego Airport Bathroom Signage. Ladies, is this really what you want?”

Here were some of her responses on Twitter:

3 genders and a midget?! MT @IngrahamAngle: San Diego Airport Bathroom Signage. Ladies, is this really what you want?

@SooperMexican Three genders and a midget walk into a restroom… @IngrahamAngle

@ConservativeLA will be a sitcom in 3 years

The progressives have us all bending over for less than 1% of the population. Shut up, lock the door, and go to the bathroom

What? Fat, gross men peeing on your leg & telling you it’s raining? (Judge Judy) I’m “shocked!” ? @nyasportschick@IngrahamAngle

@IngrahamAngle Wait until the rapes and the signs will come down. They will happen. Common sense. Freaks close to women in isolation.

@IngrahamAngle I can’t believe liberal douches will put women in danger to appease someone else. Their life, their problem.

.@IngrahamAngle Ill pass. Not into getting sexually assaulted in a toilet. I will buy some Depends stock tho. Got a feeling its gonna rise.

As you can see for yourself…most of Laura’s followers or responses on Twitter outraged with the new singage at the San Diego Airport. Thanks to Obama, expect to see more of these signs posted everywhere. Feel free to report back to us when you see these signs near you. You will certainly NOT catch me in a washroom with THIS sign. I’m also guessing you won’t catch too many other ladies with children in bathrooms that have this sign either.Let’s be careful out there ladies!



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