Person Recording This Knew They Had Gold

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Leann Aragon and her husband kept the secret of her pregnancy for three long months. When it finally came time to share the secret they went to visit Leanne’s grandfather.

She handed him an envelope and they told him it was a birthday card. One of the family member’s was there to video his reaction. It’s a good thing they did because this soon-to-be-great-granddad had a priceless reaction. So far, over 1.4 million people have enjoyed sharing his reaction.

That’s an ultrasound photo in the card and needless to say great grandpa was overwhelmed. About the time he came down from the shock of becoming a great-granddad the soon-to-be mom shared with them the fact that she was having twins.

I’d say great-grandpa enjoyed that part of the announcement at least twice much.

His twin great-granddaughters were born in February and I’m sure he was even more excited with the birth than he was with the announcement.

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