Parents Abandon 7-Year-Old boy With Bears As “Punishment”

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Sometimes as parents we get very angry at our kids! This is when self control kicks in and you walk away if you get too mad, but not if you are on a mountainside with BEARS! Good gosh the poor boy!

He disappeared when they went back to get their son, at first they didn’t admit that they left him on purpose they said he got lost. It wasn’t until the second day that they fessed up and admitted to ditching him to teach him a lesson. Being abandoned by your parents is traumatic enough. But being abandon in a forest full of bears?! That takes the cake, who in their right minds would do this on purpose to their own child?!


They claimed that they returned to the spot where they left him ‘immediately’ but the boy was no longer there.

Yamato was reported missing on Saturday sparking a two-day operation aimed at finding him.

His parents originally told police Yamato got lost while the family were out walking in the area, a habitat of bears, to pick wild vegetables.


Police later revealed that they admitted to leaving the boy as punishment for throwing rocks at cars earlier in the day. This poor child didn’t just have the monsters in his head to deal with, now he was alone, and either fighting to survive or already dead. I hope these parents feel so much guilt that they can’t stand themselves. This is sickening, and frankly they should be in prison.

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