Orlando Terrorist Did Not Raise Red Flags: HE WAS THE RED FLAG

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The Orlando shooter was investigated by the FBI three times. In each case the investigation was dropped primarily because the Obama administration sets time limits on FBI investigations of Muslims.

One of those investigations revolved around a death threat that was made to a St. Lucie County Sheriff who worked with the shooter providing security at the county courthouse. A deputy at the courthouse was talking with the shooter in 2013 and brought up the Middle East. That was met with a direct threat to the deputy.

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“[He] became very agitated and made a comment that he could have Al Qaeda kill my employee and his family. If that wasn’t bad enough, he followed it up with a very disturbing comments about women and followed it up with very disturbing comments about Jews and then went on to say that the Fort Hood shooter was justified in his actions.”

Reported the incident to the FBI who wants one of their investigations into the shooter. The FBI reportedly examined his travel records, phone records, acquaintances, and even planted a confidential informant at the courthouse.

The confidential informant reportedly yielded nothing, and the FBI decided that expensive trips to Saudi Arabia with weeklong stays booked into five-star hotels on a security guard salary weren’t unusual. And they didn’t bat an eyelash at his frequent conversations with a suicide bomber who attended the same mosque as the shooter.

That mosque was under investigation by Homeland Security and for reasons unknown it was shut down by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. All the records relating to that investigation were destroyed. Like Hillary’s emails.

The incident with the deputy sheriff at the St. Lucie Courthouse wasn’t the only time the shooter raised red flags with his employer, G4S, a major contractor with the Department of Homeland Security. Another employee who had several run-ins with the shooter reported him to human resources and was told they weren’t going to discipline him or fire him because he was a Muslim.

Barack Obama and Paul Ryan are working night and day to bring hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees” into the United States to be relocated into your neighborhood. The FBI is supposed to do background checks on them too. How do you think that’s gonna work out?

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