After Orlando Attack George W. Bush Takes Matters Into His Own Hands: [VIDEO]

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It’s the worst terrorist attack in American history since 9/11, certainly President Obama would have reached out to the Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and offered his condolences and support. WHAT? No? Shouldn’t we put all politics aside and try to unite the country? Oh, wait…so sorry! That’s right…we are talking about Obama!

Prior to today, President Obama had not called Gov. Rick Scott (R) or Attorney General Pam Bondi in the aftermath of the massacre at a gay nightclub, which left 49 people dead and more than 50 wounded.


“No contact with the White House. … This isn’t about politics right now. This is about Americans. I believe he should have reached out to the governor of Florida,” she said, adding that she’d “be glad” to meet with Obama. 

Instead, the administration opted to contact Scott via a White House staffer, which seems to be a break from traditional White House protocol in the wake of state disasters.  What? Did you expect something more sincere and a early gesture of unity, condolences and support? Yeah, right!

Asked whether she was disappointed in Obama’s decision not to contact state officials, Bondi replied, “Of course we are.”

Both Bondi and Scott have endorsed Donald Trump for president, which may, in part, explain why the president has opted not to reach out.

Whatever the reason, the governor said he was “fed up” with the administration’s attitude, citing federal failure to share intelligence information, specifically as it pertains to terrorism suspects.

“I’m responsible for the security of the people in my state,” said Scott. “I’m fed up with the fact that we’re not destroying ISIS, we’re not vetting these people, and we’re not taking care of our own citizens.”

“What about our security, right?” asked Scott.

Picking up the slack, former president George W. Bush decided to contact Scott directly over the tragedy and offer his condolences.

Would you believe, while I was writing this article President Obama FINALLY reached out to Governor Scott?! Holy Cow! It took him THREE DAYS! Do you think maybe it’s because Obama Is coming to Florida on Thursday for a visit? I’m going to bet Obama’s wonderful visit will include his main topic of discussion…the “need for more gun control”. I mean, God forbid, this tragedy by a radical Islamic terrorist, has ANYTHING to do with President Obama’s LACK of policies or LACK of enforcement of laws with regards to illegal immigration, or maybe even, Obama flooding our country with unvetted refugees and giving them security jobs within his OWN administration with DHS or Homeland Security! Silly me. What was I thinking!?  If Obama really wanted to stand in solidarity with Gov. Scott and the victims, maybe he should have reached out to him PERSONALLY with a call and OFFERED IMMEDIATE Federal support! Just a thought.






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