Most ObamaCare Enrollees Hate Their Plan, But Have to Keep It

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Remember when Nancy Pelosi told us that they had to pass ObamaCare in order for you to find out what was in it? And then they told us, ad nauseam, that once we had it we would really love it?

If you ‘ve forgotten, this is what it sounded like.

Well it turns out that they passed it, we found out what was that it, we hated it, we still hate it.

In 2014 when the law was first implemented 39% of people rated their coverage “fair” or “poor.” The Obama administration, of course, blamed the contractors who couldn’t build their website and “growing pains” associated with the launch of such a huge program.

Well, here we are in 2016 and despite a full-court press on advertisement by the administration promoting what a “great thing” ObamaCare is, the American people who have been forced to buy it don’t believe it.

The Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a recent survey that shows 54% now rate coverage as “fair” or “poor.” The enrollees are very unhappy that their premiums and deductibles have been going up, and that’s before the 2017 premium increases are announced.

In many states insurers are dropping the least costly Bronze plan and rates could go up as much as 40%.

The administration has been touting headlines like this one on CNBC. “ObamaCare brings record low for U. S. uninsured rate.” What they won’t talk about is the fact that while individuals may be “insured” there deductibles are so high they can’t afford to use their “insurance.”

We always knew that ObamaCare, named by the administration the “Affordable Care Act”, would be unaffordable. Those enrolled in ObamaCare are finally beginning to figure it out.

“Obama Lied! Health Insurance Died!” should be a bumper sticker on every car in America.

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