Obama Won’t Answer These Questions on Benghazi

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The House Select Committee on Benghazi has asked President Obama to answer some additional questions related to the Benghazi terrorist attack.  The White House has, of course, refused.

Neil Eggleston, White House counsel, encouraged the President to refuse to answer any more questions and is blasting Republicans for having the audacity to ask the President questions.  Separation of powers and all that nonsense.

The Benghazi attack was nothing more than a demonstration about an offensive video gone wrong.  All real Americans know that and any assertion to the contrary should be grounds for a charge of treason.

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Eggleston sent a letter in response to the Committee’s request.  “If the president were to answer your questions, his response would suggest that Congress has the unilateral power to demand answers from the president about his official acts.”

Let’s be clear Mr. Eggleston, the only thing close to an “official act” that Barack Obama did in relation to Benghazi is go to bed early and leave Washington early the next morning for Las Vegas where he attended a Democratic fundraiser.

A spokesman for the Committee, with a reference to Obama’s recent meeting with Derek Jeter, “It’s no surprise President Obama would rather take questions from Derek Jeter than answer questions for the American people about the Benghazi terrorist attacks, which followed what he himself has called his worst mistake — failing to plan for what happened after the State Department pushed U.S. intervention in Libya.”

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The panel, headed by Trey Gowdy, is wrapping up their report and insisting they still have unanswered questions from the White House.  The President’s team is accusing the panel of “partisanship.”

This subject goes back over two years when Gowdy told Eggleston, in 2014, that he would be asking the President some written questions.  Eggleston sent a letter on May 11th, detailing what the President did on the evening of the Benghazi attack.  He told the Committee that Obama “immediately ordered the military to deploy all available assets.”

Then he hit the sack.

Eggleston claims the President was fully engaged and informed about the attacks that night and subsequently.

That’s obviously true because the Department of Homeland Security had the producer of the offensive video about Mohammed in custody quickly.

There’s more to the story but unfortunately Trey Gowdy and the Committee Republicans are jousting at windmills.  It seems this Committee has been around longer than I’ve been able to legally drink alcohol.  Trey Gowdy and the Republican leadership – such as it is – have allowed the State Department, the White House, and Committee Democrats to stall them at every turn.

The only thing I can imagine is that either Trey Gowdy and company are the most incompetent bunch of clowns ever to set foot in Washington or the Republican “leadership” doesn’t want to see Obama and Clinton shown up to be incompetent when it comes to national security.

Or both.

Trey Gowdy was an outstanding prosecutor before he came to Washington.  Everyone, me included, had high hopes when he took over the Select Committee on Benghazi.  At this point I’d say he’s done the same quality job with that committee as Mitt Romney did running for President in 2014.

Both got about half way there.

Gowdy, etal. have allowed this to be dragged on for so long the media will discount anything they say – which they would have done anyway, but had this been a priority to anyone on the Hill at least Benghazi would have been a current issue.  It’s not anymore.

Gowdy should go back to being a prosecutor and the Republican leadership should be primaried out of existence.

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