NUTS: Widow Gets Pregnant After Husband Dies?


You’re thinking something like, “And the family drags her down to the stone pit.”  Right?  A widow getting pregnant right after the death of her husband – the father of her two little kids – is probably a scandal.  At least for the family.

At least in the case of Kristen Tripson you’d be wrong.  Not only is the family celebrating with her, her mom and mother-in-law were with her when she got pregnant.  No, this isn’t an internet porn story.

Kristen’s husband Sam passed away last September after a long battle with cancer.  Her whole family was filled with grief, especially her two children.  Here they are in happier times.

1 Widow 1

It turns out that before his death she and Sam had IVF treatments and she had two of the embryos left.  Kristen made the decision to move ahead with an implant and give the embryos a chance at life and give the family the opportunity to celebrate Sam with a special gift.

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Kristen and Sam wanted to have more kids after his cancer treatment so to make sure they had every opportunity to realize that dream they had IVF treatments around his chemo.  Their daughter Alice Ann was their first success.

They tried again but lost the baby and they had two embryos left.

Shortly after they lost the baby Sam relapsed and in three weeks he was gone.

Kristen and Sam had talked a lot about the embryos and she was never in doubt.  Six months after Sam’s death she moved ahead and with her mom and Sam’s mom in the room the last two embryos were implanted.

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Kristen found out a few weeks later that one of the embryos was a strong baby.  Kristen said, “I found out a few weeks later that I was carrying one strong baby. And that’s ok. The way I see it, I get one and Sam gets one. Of course, it’s bittersweet. And yes, a bit unconventional. But it was our decision and what I consider to be one of life’s most beautiful blessings.”

Their new baby is due in October.  Their son is hoping for another sister and they’ll find out in the delivery room.  That’s how Sam would have wanted it.

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