Numerous Secret Laws Being Passed by Obama Right Under Your Nose!


Congress is passing fewer laws these days openly, because the tactic of Obama passing them in secret is so much easier.

Yes, you heard that correctly, our government is passing laws, under the noses of the American public, and keeping it all secret!

It is not just Obama, for the past 30 years, Congress has continued to pass an increasing number of “secret laws” that are kept from view of the public eye.

Congress is passing fewer laws these days openly, because the tactic of Obama passing them in secret is so much easier.

Vocative reports:

Secret laws often come about because of three enormous budget bills that get renewed every year, which fund some of the government’s most secretive programs and agencies: the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, the Intelligence Authorization Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act. Portions of those bills, which fund classified programs include provisions that “can reasonably be read to give a classified addendum” to U.S. law,as Rudesill found.

The study refers only to changes to U.S. law that come through acts of Congress. A president’s executive order can also shape U.S. law, as can the classified Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which secretly approves, among other things, warrants for NSA spying activities. FISA Court rulings can set hidden legal precedent, as with the post-9/11 “raw take” order, which allowed agents at the NSA, FBI, and CIA to share raw intelligence on Americans with fewer restrictions.

Read the article. It’s rather interesting.

Insane folks! This was, of course, supposed to be the most transparent administration in the history of America, but it has been the least transparent ever!

Many of these laws, of course, are passed for “our protection and safety”.

But the Federal Government cannot micromanage and I do not trust them to micromanage my safety.

I will let Benjamin Franklin opine:

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Pretty simple! The government could really protect our safety by focusing on protecting our borders and strengthening our military.

Instead they are regulating what we eat, destroying our healthcare, and finding new ways to waste our tax dollars.

Hey, Obama!! Want to really protect my safety? Remove ALL gun control laws from the federal government and quit infringing on the right to bear arms!

Congress is passing fewer laws these days openly, because the tactic of Obama passing them in secret is so much easier.

The Judge discusses one of the MANY laws that Obama is passing in secret, right under our noses!

Judge Napolitano – Obama Signed In Secret BILL H.R. 347 Anti-Protest Bill Makes Free Speech A Felony




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