The No-Fly List is a Gun-Grab:

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In the wake of the recent Orlando terrorist attack, Democrats will try to pass anything to ban the sales of guns in Congress or take your guns. They believe in gun control. It’s as simple as that. Afterall, Democrats believe we don’t have a terrorist problem, we have a gun problem, just ask Obama.

In the wake of the weekend’s terror-related shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Democrats have zeroed in on guns, arguing that Omar Mateen’s rampage could have been avoided had Congress enacted a ban on gun sales to those on the government’s watch lists, which are supposed to detail those known or suspected to have ties to terrorism.


The FBI has poked holes in that theory, saying that while Mateen had been listed while under investigation a few years ago, he had been removed after the agency was unable to make a case against him.

Under the current system, if someone on the list attempts to buy a firearm, the sale isn’t automatically stopped — but agents are alerted and use that information to help their investigation.

Mr. Comey testified to Congress last year that if a sale is stopped altogether, it could tip off someone to the FBI’s investigation.


“It’s a little bit challenging for us because ‘known’ or ‘suspected’ means it hasn’t been adjudicated in every case that somebody is a terrorist,” Mr. Comey told Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chief sponsor of the watch-list gun control proposal. “It’s somebody we’re investigating, so we don’t want to, obviously, blow our investigation.”

I highly doubt that Obama is worried about the FBI “blowing an investigation”…afterall, it’s not like he pressured the FBI to stop investigating Omar Mateen after several months, or that Mateen boasted of ties to other terrorists, or that Mateen was a Muslim who frequented a mosque of other known terrorists, or that Mateen worked in a position that allowed him to carry a gun.

Come on, there couldn’t have been THAT many clues, right? I mean just because Omar Mateen was a Muslim with ties to terrorists doesn’t make him a terrorist? We can’t label him…that would be like us calling Omar Mateen a “Radical Islamic Terrorist”. We’d be a racist if we said that. Not to mention, others might think we actually have a terrorist problem in the United States.



Democrats don’t want you to believe we have a terrorist problem, they want you to believe we have a gun problem, so they can confiscate our guns. The problem is, once this Pandora’s Box is opened…that gives them the same excuse to take away more freedom and destroy our Constitution even more.

“The no-fly list and the terror watch lists can be unreliable, as we’ve seen in the past,” said Jason Pye, spokesman for the libertarian advocacy group FreedomWorks. “Preventing someone from exercising a constitutional right without due processes is frightening. There has to be due process.”

Absolutely! If the “no-fly” list is unreliable and you get put on it, dude – you’re toast! Your rights are violated. There will be no due process. The government will have your butt and you can forget the Constitution. Besides, we don’t even know how people get on the list to begin with. The process itself is secretive. There’s no public judicial process to it. Your name could just suddenly appear – maybe you wrote something about “radical islamic terrorists” or Omar Mateen – like this article – then, BAM! You’re on the list! hqdefault

There are four gun control measures being reviewed by the Senate. Let’s hope our current legislators at least continue to respect our 2nd Amendment rights, along with our other individual liberties in the Constitution or we will be screwed BIG TIME!



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