Nightmare In National State Park!

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Everything happened so fast, no one saw it coming. It started with one person and ended with seven! Five of the seven survived and were rushed to the hospital with injuries that ranged from mild to severe. One boy remains missing and the other was found dead.


Police say one person slipped, which created a domino effect and caused a total of seven people to fall into the gorge, according to WHAM reported. ‘The group, which consisted of two adult males and three juvenile females were in a restricted area at the time of the incident.’


New York State Park Police Major David Page said Sunday it appears the group left a designated trail and entered the water somewhere above the lower falls.

‘We’ve got beautiful state parks and there’s so much to enjoy,’ Page said, ‘but we really need people to stay in authorized areas for their own safety.’

Swimming in the river is prohibited throughout the park.

State Park Police, state police and Wyoming County sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene.

State police helicopters and its Underwater Recovery Team have also been helping with the search for the two young boys.
The search continues for the second boy.The names of the victims are not being released at this time as it remains an ongoing investigation and search.

Areas near and around the lowers falls at the State Park are closed at this time.

According to police, there is no reason to believe the children were neglected or left alone before they went missing. No charges are being filed.

Oddly enough, this tragic event happened on the same weekend a young father of three fell out of his hot air balloon and plummeted to his death 100 feet below his balloon. Even more strange was that the man fell at the exact same park the group of seven fell from. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m following the rules by the book when it comes to visiting state parks this summer!

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