Neighborhood flooded 27 inches! Strangely, the water didn’t touch his property…

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They called him crazy, assumed he was wasting his money, and chuckled when they walked by before the flood came. The local Texan heard that there was a flood coming and that his town would have to evacuate, but he didn’t want to leave, he was willing to take a risk with his family and stay believing that his home would remain water free from the flood.

It certainly doesn’t seem like the most obvious solution but he used water to fend off more water. Wagner’s preparation for the rain involved wrapping his home in a 400-foot tube filled with water to act as one giant sandbag.


The Brazos River Authority issued a flood warning and Wagner knew he had to take drastic measures after the thought of his family being relocated was ‘heartbreaking’.

An internet search led him to Aqua Dams, and he drove to Louisiana to purchase one measuring 400 feet long and 30 inches high.


With the help of two others, Wagner filled up two watertight tubes held together inside a woven polypropylene tube, which conforms to the ground and creates a seal that prevents leaks.
The weight of the water inside the tubes kept the barrier firmly in place as the flood water eventually rose to more than two feet tall.





Other families in Brazoria County were issued mandatory evacuations, but the Wagner family stayed dry.

Even though he shelled out $8,300 he saved around $150,000 in damages, which he considered a small investment. The aqua dam may be the way of the future for the floods to come.


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