The Neighbor Was So CONFUSED She Didn’t Know What Was Happening!

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This is as low as low can go!

When the neighbor to a Virginia couple refused to buy Ashley Harmon’s child for $1,000 they decided to be fair and lower the price to $500. When the woman still refused these nut jobs wouldn’t take no for an answer, and in the strangest way possible they got her to take the baby girl.

Redden, who lives one mile from the couple’s home, has known Flint since he was a child but had never seen Harmon before, she told WSAZ.


The couple first asked Redden if she would buy the baby for $1,000. When she refused, they dropped the price to $500.

Redden once again turned down the couple. Harmon and Flint then asked if she would babysit the infant while they walked to a convenience store five miles away.

The couple left Redden with a dirty diaper and one bottle of spoiled milk. She ran out to her local Dollar General store, purchasing bottles, diapers and baby wipes to try and help the restless child.
But Redden became increasingly worried as the hours passed by and the baby girl became more and more agitated, balling up her fists and shaking as she cried and screamed.

After the couple did not return for several hours, Redden decided she had to call 911.
A paramedic who arrived at the scene told her the baby was likely suffering from drug withdrawal.

The child was taken to the hospital and put in the custody of child protective services.

The couple is now being charged with felony offenses and gross child neglect. Redden said she hoped the baby ended up in a good home. The couple’s bond was set at $100,000 each, the saddest part is that the biological father was completely unaware of the abuse happening to his little girl. People like this should rot in jail for a very long time. If we are looking at the bright side at least they didn’t murder the baby girl like so many people do with unwanted babies.

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