NBC Producer Praises Donald Trump Assassin

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If you ever had any doubts about media bias this story should put those to rest. It’s no secret that the media hates Donald Trump with a passion. They may hate him more than Democrats or even the Establishment Republicans.

The story revolves around Michael Stephen Sanford. Sanford was a legal immigrant who overstayed his visa – thus becoming an illegal alien that the Obama administration ignored. For whatever reason he hated Donald Trump. I suspect he got indoctrinated listening to the media accounts from Hillary Clinton’s campaign and from the Republican Establishment.

He went to a Trump rally in Las Vegas and grabbed a police officer’s gun so he could assassinate Donald Trump. He was convinced he was going to die trying and from my perspective, it’s too bad he didn’t. There’s still time for Barack Obama to pardon him.


The media has been incessantly blaring reports from both sides; the far left and the establishment Republicans are smearing Trump as a racist, sexist, Islam a fold, demagogue, Hitler, and repeatedly noting that Trump’s working-class white supporters “deserve to die.”

If you listen to a steady diet of that you can justify just about anything aimed at Donald Trump. After all they repeatedly call him a fascist and celebrate violent threats aimed at Trump and his supporters.

Matthew Mowrer is an associate producer for NBC Universal. He sent out a tweet last week that ups the ante in terms of biased statements.

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Apparently Mowrer wants to make the case – directly – that assassinating Donald Trump is a good idea.

Since that tweet his twitter account was flipped to private and NBC Universal refuses to respond to questions about the tweet.

This is going to be a long hot summer and you can bet that Democrats and their operatives with bylines in the media will be looking for race riots at every Trump stop. And they’ll be doing everything they can to start them.

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