Religion of Peace Beheads 4-Year-Old Girl When They Hear What Mommy Promised Her

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A mother and her daughter walked by a group of devout Muslims, the Muslims overheard her conversation and immediately stalked up to the woman and snatched the child from her grasp. Horrified and in utter shock the woman watched as they swiftly beheaded her young daughter right in front of her, all the while shouting that this happened because of what she promised the little girl.

Obama sits idly on his throne with the power to stop things like this from happening, yet he doesn’t. He allows them to continue to expand their nightmarish lust for flesh throughout the middle east. The number of followers have increased from give or take 700 to innumerable proportions. He is just going to let it grow as much as it can before his presidency is up.

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This inexcusable inaction leaves the Caliphate to fester, implementing more of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s gruesome methods into their own tyrannical regime. While the left needlessly vindicates the persecution of religious minorities as “nothing to do with Islam,” the 1,400-year-old ideology turns its attention on the most innocent of targets.

While at least 60 million Muslims around the world support the actions and legislative interpretation of ISIS, according to a Pew Data report, many of the civilians living under the regime’s cruelty are simply stuck in a living hell with very little chance of escape. For one mother, this was a fate worse than death.

Al-Alam News reports that a woman surviving under ISIS control of Raqqa has somehow fled the city and lived to tell her grueling testimony. While under strict surveillance, the unnamed woman claims she had an acquaintance who was forced to watch Muslim militants cut off her 4-year-old daughter’s head and wash her hands in the blood because of what she inadvertently swore.

“A mother told her four-year daughter to go home and she refused and then the mother told her unintentionally ‘go home and I swear to [Allah] that I will behead you if you don’t‘ and one of the ISIS members heard this and told the mother since you swore to God you should behead her but the mother strongly opposed,” a Syrian women who has recently escaped from Raqqa said. “But they beheaded the little girl and soaked her mother’s hands in her daughter’s blood.”The woman, who wished to remain nameless, explained that a street running through al-Naeem square in Raqqa is lined with the heads of men, women, and children who have in one way or another offended the terrorist group.

“They rape women, take children to war, loot houses, and threaten people in Raqqa with beheadings if they don’t agree with their daughters’ marriage with the ISIS members,” she added.
Her testimony confirms a Mad World News report that Muslims are “systematically beheading children” in cities under ISIS control. Chaldean-American leader Mark Arabo relayed the accounts of witnesses in a stomach-churning interview in August 2014.

“Christianity in Mosul is dead, and a Christian holocaust is in our midst.” Arabo said that a “Christian genocide” is occurring and “children are being beheaded, mothers are being raped and killed, and fathers are being hung.”

“They are systematically beheading children,” Arabo confirmed, “and mothers and fathers. The world hasn’t seen an evil like this for generations.”
Muslims and leftist sympathizers called these testimonies anti-Islam propaganda but were forced to backtrack when graphic footage of mutilated children surfaced.

“There’s actually a park in Mosul where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick… this is crimes against humanity. They are doing the most horrendous, the most heart-breaking crimes that you can think of,” Arabo added.
Of course, for every gruesome method, ISIS has a religiously justifiable motive. As Muhammad grew more powerful during his establishment in Medina, he demanded local tribes pledge allegiance to his rising Caliphate and surrender their riches. When the peaceful Banu Qurayza tribe refused, he ordered his troops to ambush them.

This is heartbreaking. I can’t fathom how anyone could do this. I know it’s naive of me to think it’s impossible, but really could anyone besides the devil himself be so evil?! The fact that the slaughter of children is encouraged and justified is chilling and obviously proves that they are not the religion of peace, they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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