Murdered Black Gorilla Was Unarmed: You can’t make this stuff up.. [VIDEO]


Two dozen activists attended a vigil outside the Cincinnati Zoo for the death of Harambe the Gorilla, holding signs to remember his loss!

The signs held by the protesters read “All Animals Lives Matter,” “R.I.P Harambe,” “Taken Too Soon,” and “Senseless Death,”.

A framed picture of the gorilla was set up as a makeshift memorial.

Two dozen activists attended a vigil outside the Cincinnati Zoo for death of Harambe the Gorilla, holding signs to remember his loss!

There have been almost 500,000 abortions this year. #JustSayin!

People were devastated of Harambe the Gorilla.

Now I feel for the Gorilla. I think the Gorilla was awesome! I love to go to see the Gorilla exhibit!

But the hypocrisy is absolutely incredible.

Two dozen activists attended a vigil outside the Cincinnati Zoo for death of Harambe the Gorilla, holding signs to remember his loss!

Breitbart reports:

The vigil group was organized by Anthony Seta, an advocate at Animal Liberationists who made candles available during the two-hour vigil. Over three hundred people RSVP’d on the Facebook event page.

“This is not a protest against the zoo. I would like our signs to reflect our compassion for the loss of this being, not our anger at the zoo,” he added. “The reason for this is to honor the memory of a life lived in captivity.”

But these same idiots not only accept the daily murder of thousands of lives via abortion, they often celebrate abortion.

But save the Gorilla!

The sacrifice of Harambe is sad but anyone seeing the video will appreciate that the child’s life was in mortal danger. The zoo staff made a tough but necessary call.

The Gorilla was over 400 lbs. the child maybe 30! Some say the Gorilla should have been tranquilized. Some say they should have waited. Some say the Gorilla was protecting the child.

Tranquilizing would have just angered the Gorilla. The Gorilla could have severely harmed the child while trying to protect the child. Simple.

One might recall when a pet White Lion severely hurt Roy of Siegfried & Roy when the Tiger was doing nothing but trying to protect him.

People are nuts. Things happen! You cannot sanitize the world of it’s problems.

Could a parent have been more attentive? Maybe. Kids can be fast, Things happen.

But to idolize an animal over a human life is insane!



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