Mother Kicked Out Of Water Park Over The Way She Changed Her Baby’s Diaper

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This mother walked into the children’s water park expecting to have a good time with her family and ended up getting escorted out by the police instead. Not exactly the way she expected her day to end. A typical mom gets exhausted, to say the least, while trying to entertain two kids at a water park. It isn’t easy with two but she was doing her best, at least that’s what she thought…until this awful situation unfolded.


As she was changing her daughter on a blanket, a park employee she identifies as James Andrew approached her.

She said he pointed out there was no changing allowed except in the bathroom and she in turn pointed out that on their rule board it says that babies’ diapers should be changed regularly, but doesn’t state where.
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At this point, Sitaru said she tried to leave the park, but wanted to feed her three-month-old in the shade first since it was hot out and he needed to eat somewhere cool. She brought out her bottle and then was told she couldn’t feed in the park either.


When another mom pointed out to the supervisor who had come over, that breastfeeding anywhere in public is legal in Georgia, Sitaru said that the ‘teenage looking’ employee told her that didn’t apply to bottle feeding.

At this point, no less than four police officer showed up, according to Sitaru, and one of them, whom she identifies as Officer Ott, escorted her out.

When she stopped at the ticket booth on the way out to ask for manager information, she says the supervisor who had interceded earlier, whom she identifies as Alex Lee, called her ‘crazy.’

‘I’ve never seen such abuse of authority towards anyone in the past, nor such bullying towards a mother of an infant anywhere!!!’ she wrote on a Facebook post. ‘I did nothing to deserve being treated and bullied like this!

This park is designed for kids and they lack not only clean family restrooms but also all common sense, expecting moms of multiples to leave one child unattended to feed another! It is beyond ridiculous and their rude teenage staff members lack training and respect!



While I completely understand this mother’s point of view and the teenager didn’t handle the situation politely, rules are rules. It is their right to be able to enforce them how they wish. That being said they should have handled things more politely; the water park even admitted that the power hungry employee who told her she couldn’t bottle feed her baby was incorrect.

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