Mom and Lesbian Lover Guilty of Killing Child:

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Talk about SICK people! You are going to want to read THIS one! I don’t care if they are lesbians or NOT they are still two disgusting scumbags who should not be called “people”!

The mum of tragic Liam Fee and her lesbian partner have been found guilty of, murdering the toddler and falsely blaming his death on another child.

Rachel Fee, 31, and Nyomi Fee, 29, were convicted today of killing two-year-old Liam by inflicting severe blunt force trauma to his body at a house in Fife, Scotland.


The youngster, who had been subjected to a life of pain and neglect, suffered a ruptured heart after sustaining injuries similar to those seen in car crash victims.

The defendants were both found guilty of wilfully assaulting, neglecting and abusing two young boys, including the one they blamed for Liam’s killing, over a two-year period.

This abuse involved being imprisoned in a home-made cage, given cold showers, tied up in a dark room where snakes and rats were kept, and forced to eat dog excrement, a court heard.


Liam’s mother (if you can call her that) Rachel and her lesbian partner Nyomi were able to carry out two years of sustained attacks on the toddler and two other boys.

These two scumbags are both facing life sentences for the murder of the youngster, who suffered a fractured upper arm bone and a broken thigh bone in the days before his death.

I warned you…these are SICK people! Again, lesbian or not, they are mentally disturbed. What right person subjects a 2-year-old to such blows that his heart ruptures? Not to mention, they put these kids in a CAGE, tied them up with SNAKES and RATS, and made them eat dog shit and vomit! How SICK is that?! These are definite child abusers! Can you imagine these two sickos doing whatever, while these kids were subject to this disgusting situations.

These young innocent boys deserved much better lives and upbringings. Not all people were meant to be child caregivers and not all people are meant to give birth to children either. These two should have been the farthest away from kids as possible. Instead a young life was taken and a couple other little lives will forever be scarred.

These lowlifes committed in my opinion committed unforgivable crimes and in due time they will BOTH be rightly punished! But to take an innocent child’s life…only God can forgive them for that one.

“Tragedy is an overused word in this court but the death of Liam Fee is a real, genuine tragedy.”

By the way, did you hear what the lesbians had the nerve to search for on Google?…

“Can wives be in prison together?”…Good news! Yes you BOTH can be! Enjoy your time together…since that’s one thing you will have plenty of!


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